It’s kind of a miracle that I even have a pot to piss in.

I truly do love ING. I’ve had an account with them since like, 2003, and they’ve never charged me a dime, even during the dark years when my balance hovered somewhere around $25.02. I mean, twenty bucks just sitting there in the ether of internet banking, earning about a penny a month – it’s ridiculous. I finally remembered that I had a savings account right about the time I started getting paid regularly, and I’m happy to say that, thanks to automatic transfers, I now have enough socked away for a pretty decent spree on Bluefly. Which is why it struck me as amusing, this morning, to see this ING ad plastered all over the side of a bus:

“There’s no such thing as Saver’s Remorse”

Um, yes there is. It’s called WANTING SHIT.

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