FYI: Lasers and stuff

If you ever go to the “Laser Floyd” show at the Boston MoS, I’d really suggest taking some acid first. At least a little. It’s just too ridiculous when you’re NOT tripping.

Not that I’ve seen the laser show while thusly altered, but honestly? At this point, the whole “Dark Side” mythos is so overblown that I can’t hear a note of it without being thrown back into some cliche college legend – probably one involving scag weed and “The Wizard of Oz”. Sitting in the planetarium, head craned back and neck cramping from the angle, I was acutely aware that if I’d done this years earlier I would have had the good sense to enjoy it in a much more fitting manner.

It can really only be cool that one first time, so do it right is all I’m saying.

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