no seriously,

i just had to write something to get that other post outta here. Dream posts are boring, and posts about boring dreams are like… really effing boring. Squared.

So then what’s exciting? Since the day after the wedding, I’ve been bitching about my hair. When I was a kid, I had hair down to my waistband (waistbands were higher back then, granted, but it was still some serious hair). It would take my mother an hour to shampoo, condition, and comb, and I am no more patient now than I was at age 8. Last Friday, I had the night to myself, and after a couple glasses of wine, I decided to wash and straighten the mane: how long did it take me?

30 minutes?

45 minutes?


If you ascertained from the caps that the process did indeed take 1.5 hours, you would be correct! At that point, I’d worked for 20 days in a row, and vowed that my next day off would be the Day I Cut My Hair.

Tuesday I took a day off. But I was sick. So I couldn’t cut the hair. Drugged from Sudafed, I almost took the whole lot off with kitchen shears, but my better brain held out, and now, I have an appointment at Shag for Saturday morning. Exciting to you? Maybe not. But VERY exciting for me. Especially since Saturday night me and my new hair are going to see UNDERWORLD and will rock out like mad.

So it’s a big week for me and my hair. And Katsumi.

Also, we have rodent problems and are thinking of buying a cat, both for pest control and feeding crack – I mean – COMPANIONSHIP. Yeah. Because who would ever force a cat smoke crack?

no seriously and for real, that shit is just wrong.

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