the punchline is the rub

When you supply “because every time I put it on, I have the uncontrollable urge to vomit” as the reason you bought your wedding dress, it may seem like just a really funny thing to say. But when you’re standing on a pedestal at your first fitting, and you’ve got a fever of a hundred and one, the feeling of nausea and disorientation may not seem so amusing. And although you’ll tell your little joke the seamstress and the intern in an effort to make light of the fact that you’ve in fact stepped OFF the pedestal and are now sitting slumped over in a chair fiendishly clutching a glass of water, they may not find it funny either.

Just letting you know.

And also? if you’re going to your dress fitting with a fever of 101? For fuck’s sake put on some deodorant.







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