Would you still marry him?

So we’re getting down to crunch time with this whole “wedding” thing, and our weekends are packed from now until January. So, a few days ago, I made an appointment for next Sunday to do a cake tasting.

Saturday, Katsumi is all “what are we doing next Sunday”, to which I reply, “hello, cake tasting”

and he says “oh”


“well, Scott’s going to buy the Wii on Sunday”

“and um, I wanted to, um… maybe go with him”

“could we reschedule the cake thing?”

So let me get this straight – we’re supposed to reschedule a cake tasting into our already PACKED schedule so you can wait in line for a video game system that SOMEBODY ELSE IS BUYING?? I said fine – YOU can go watch your friend buy the Wii. I’ll choose the cake by myself. Sounds like an equitable solution to me.

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