Ass on a Platter

Well, it’s Monday again, and despite taking Friday as a much-needed day of rest, I still feel like something that’s been scraped around the inside of a toilet bowl. Remember that friend you had in high school who got mono? If I had that friend right now, I’d be yelling at her for sharing her disease. Like, breathing? Is exhausting.

Things I meant to do last weekend:
– pick out invitation stock
– hang pictures
– wash floor in bedroom, back room

Things I did last weekend:
– got flustered at Paper Source, upon learning that they close at 6pm
– drank vodka
– halfheartedly swept bedroom, back room. I’m definitely shedding – my hair was ALL OVER THE PLACE.

So all in all, good weekend, good times, I feel like crap again, and Mondays suck.

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