You know what’s awesome?

When the governor of your state announces that the tunnels leading to and from your home are “scary”.

Know what’s more awesome than that? When you get to pay three bucks to drive through them!!

Paying money + risking life and limb = TONS OF FUN

So how excited am I? I actually looked up today at the end of the Sumner, and I could seriously SEE where the concrete was loose! It was so cool, guys, I was like “holy crap, pieces of the ceiling could SERIOUSLY FALL OFF onto my car!!” I mean, the day can really only go downhill from there, ’cause how do you top that?

How about an internet yard sale? go to my Flickr and look at the stuff I’m selling for my old boss. And email me because you want to buy some of it, specifically the canopy bed or the dining table. ‘Cause I’m getting a cut of the profits, and I don’t want to honeymoon in Chinatown.

Otherwise, I’ve got this pass to NEMO, so will someone go here and let me know who the hell these bands are?

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