Oh, sidebar, you’ve been missed.

The REASON my blog looked like shit on toast was because I made one very important change. The reason it looked like shit on toast for THE PAST THREE HOURS was because I was writing a review for bostonist, so you should read that.

Speaking of food reviews, can we talk about how excited I am for those miniburgers at Match during Blogtoberfest 2007? SO. EXCITED. I have a closet beef fetish that I can only satisfy in very small quantities. I’m the girl who’s always ordering the slider burgers at Cheesecake Factory, because honestly? Who can deal with an ENTIRE HAMBURGER? and who can deal with my overuse of caps lock? not I, for sure.

I’m also jazzed because (look out, it’s wedding related) (or, as we say on the knot, WR) we met with a potential photographer last night! And tonight, we’re meeting with another! Check out their websites, let me know what you think.

It feels good to get crap done, after a summer spent sitting on my ass eating twinkies.

Just kidding, twinkies make me gag. I hate them.

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