Full frontal facial.

Sometimes I like to arrange my titles to ensure the most amount of porn hits. Sadly, pornsters, you’ll find none here.

What I’m talking about is the bikini wax and facial I’ll be shelling out the big bills for this evening at La Dolce Vita. i figured, since I’m getting married and all, that I may as well treat my skin to some extra love. Love in the form of extractions and oddly scented chemical applications, paid for with money that should probably be getting socked away in my ING account. But, never one to deny myself excellent skin care or top-shelf liquor, away I go.

The thing to admit is:

I’ve never had a facial before.

I’m nervous.

this morning, getting dressed, I ripped through like five outfits before settling on one that would be salon-appropriate – one that wouldn’t scream “NOVICE!!” when I walk through the door. Dumb? Yes. But anyway.

I’m also scared that the esthetician will look at my skin and be like HOLY SHIT, GIRL, ARE YOU WASHING YOUR FACE WITH LYE OR WHAT and then I will cry.

And let’s not even talk about the bikini wax.

Does anyone know how to tip for this kind of stuff?

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