The inevitable next step of wedding madness.

So last weekend we went to paper source to have them wrap a gift for our friend’s wedding. I had hoped to use the wait-time to scope out some invites for our own soiree next March, but the wrapping-dude was all “I am a gift-wrap ARTISTE and I WILL NOT be rushed”. Of course it goes without saying that we were already running late for the ceremony and I had a sinking feeling that the whole thing actually started at ONE thirty not FOUR thirty, which would make me pretty much the biggest asshole ever. Our time in Paper Source on Saturday was thusly spent with me huffing into a paper bag and rending my garments while Katsumi tried unsucessfully to placate his wild boar of a fiancee.

ANYWAY. Being in Paper source also gave me a panic attack because WE HAVE EIGHT MONTHS TO GO PEOPLE, and I haven’t done shit since I got my dress. That night, swilling vodka at the reception, I resolved that we would hit Paper Source the very next day and do some research on invites.

Things I learned from my research:

– Katsumi likes Fleur de Lis
– Katsumi has no sense of design
– I could sell my kidneys and spleen on the black market in China and the proceeds from my innards would STILL not be enough to pay for letterpress.
– no, seriously.
check it out.

I mean seriously, how do they get away with crap like that? We’re not even talking about place cards yet, or ceremony programs, or menus or whatever else you make out of paper at a wedding, and the total is almost like, five hundred bucks.

On the upside, we decided that I like this and katsumi likes this one. But maybe not for the wedding.

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