The hunt continues

Thanks for all the suggestions on destinations! After reading your comments, I weighed, considered, and sat down in front of the computer to resumed googling “BORA BORA”. Then I shed bitter, bitter tears, for an overwater bungalow is well beyond our means. After drowning my sorrows in a pool of whiskey, I pulled myself together and moved on.

And guess what I found?

um, NOTHING, really, because EVERYWHERE is expensive!! yaaaaay!!

I’m also baffled by choice. When given a small amount of options (like, say, two. Or one.) I can usually decide pretty easily. But when only constrained by the amount of debt we’ll sink into with this trip, and Katsumi’s vehement assertions that we MUST BE ON THE BEACH, the choices are just too much for me. I keep going back to this idea of Fiji, somehow, although I know that’s as insane as suggesting that we take a leisurely trip to Mars. Yesterday I looked at resorts in the Cook Islands and Thailand then had some sort of mental breakdown and started searching around in Dubai. This morning I moved on to the Grecian Islands, but learned that, like everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere, Greece is shitty in March.

And did I mention how we don’t actually have any money for this trip? Because we don’t. So clearly, Dubai is the way to go.

I was in despair.

Then this morning, one of my interns suggested Zihuatanejo.

And so I look at the pictures, and am like, “shit, it looks kind of like Fiji!” There’s nightlife, there’s beach, and also mountains or crap like that, if I get the urge to leave my lounge chair and climb on some rocks. There’s this place that’s nice, and this place that’s cheaper, and this place that’s about as much money as the overwater huts in the South Pacific. And airfare is pretty reasonable and doesn’t take the twenty-six hours we would’ve had to travel to reach Nadi.

Mexico? Could it be?

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