Slightly hungover, but probably not as much as I should be.

So yesterday, after leaving work early, I went to a company party with an open bar. There’s something about drinking with colleagues that makes me extremely uncomfortable – like, you never know when you’ve crossed the line, and then you wake up the next day and want to put your head in the sand and die. Anyway, I had a few drinks there, for free, which was awesome, and then met Katsumi in Kendall square for drinks where, SUPRISE, all my friends were waiting for me!! Well, I mean, not *all* my friends, but a bunch. We went to Cambridge Brewing Company and polished off an admirable amount of dark beer, after which I was, as they say, “all done”.

Then I proved how I am a total douchebag while opening John’s present, which I later dubbed “Charley the Dog”.

Charley the dog

How does he look to you? He looked a little dead and boneless to me, and I went right ahead and said so. Then I proceeded to flop Charley around in some semblance of a siezure as Katsumi looked on in dismay.

Sometimes I think I should stop drinking.

you know, or just be less of a fucking asshole all the time.


SPEAKING OF DRINKING, I have to say that I did not expect to get any beer from yesterday’s post. But the internet, it is MIRACULOUS, and Sarah, she is an angel, for in my inbox this morning, I found a message bearing this title:

You Got Beer from Sarah !

Yes, friends, the time is now, the time is now when you can BUY SOMEONE A BEER over the internet. You Got Beats the pants off that lame-o Meg Ryan movie any day.

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