things that are awesome about my new home

1. Freezer
2. Oven
3. Gas Stove
4. Ice Cubes
5. Chilled Vodka
6. Cabinets
7. Living Room
8. Dining Room
9. Bedroom
10. Office
11. Giant Slugs in Backyard
12. Roofdeck, kind of.
13. Iced Coffee
13.1 (with ice)
13.2 (from the freezer)
14. Claw-footed tub

Katsumi took about a thousand pictures of the old place, and I took like 4 pictures of the new place, which is currently overrun with crap from our old place. We also have 8 pictures of giant slugs, one of which I accidentally stepped on last night. grosssss.

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