short list

– my car cost us a cool six hundred dollars to fix, which is so awesome I could just chew off my own tongue with delight. One set of spark plugs, one ignition coil, one air filter and one oil change later, it was in fact a single wire in the ignition system that was causing all the trouble. DAMN YOU, STRAY WIRE!!!

– I hate rubber bands. Every day, our mail comes wrapped up with at least two, and sometimes three, rubber bands which I otherwise have no use for whatsoever. The woman who used to work her made a massive rubber band ball, but those things kind of freak me out. Currently, I’m tasking my interns with the rubber band situation. Progress pending.

– Last night a bunch of friends came over, in the spirit of celebration, to eat at this Irish Pub near our apartment. After dinner four of us went out dancing; and maybe it was the cheap vodka-and-sodas or the gagillion cigarettes I’d smoked, but at some point around midnight I realized that there was probably nobody in the world having as much fun as I was at that very moment.

– There used to be a six-pack of beer in the fridge in our break room. I’m hoping that nobody notices there’s only three left.

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