Wedding: haunting my dreams

Last night Katsumi and I went out to see Blue Velvet in 35mm and, unsuprisingly, I had completely fucked-up dreams all night long. Included in my nocturnal emissions was my VERY FIRST wedding nighmare dream!! Yaaay!! It was the morning of my wedding and I was hungover as a mofo. I went to put on my dress and instead of the lovely and amazing confection I’d hoped for, it was some heinous, strappy clingy thing with all these sparkles and shit. I threw it on and realized that, much to my horror, it was noon and I had only an hour to go before the ceremony began. I rushed to put my makeup on, only to realize that I’d forgotten to book my hair appointment, never mind appointments for my bridesmaids. Speaking of, where were they?

As I drove myself to the salon, hoping they’d be able to take me, since I was clearly getting married in an hour – no – twenty MINUTES – I looked back on the wreckage of my life. My dress sucked, my makeup was horrible, if the salon didn’t take me I’d probably wind up wearing a PONYTAIL to the fucking thing, and come to think of it, I didn’t remember ever sending out invitations. Or booking a caterer, DJ, photographer or video-person. Had I done ANYTHING at ALL? It seemed at some point like I’d had all this TIME, and now there was only 20 minutes to go before my single days were behind me, and I’d gotten nothing done! My only wedding, my BIG DAY, and I had fucked it up completely.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty momentous that I had the first wed-mare, so I thought I’d throw it out there.

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