assorted, for your pleasure

I need to get better at html or whatever, because although this scheme is growing on me, I hate that weird bracket thing in the header. I want a header like boozie’s, with a picture of me all wasted and belligerent, maybe flipping somebody off. And I want my tagline back, and I want to make it smaller than the title of the blog.

and I want a pony. a pony and a monkey.

Some things:

– In a fit of blind faith or utter stupidity, I think I’m going to get that dress from canada. The girl offered me a semi-return policy, and my fervor is bordering on rabid obsession.
– In a spasm of foresight or complete lack of sense, I think we’re going to take that East Boston place after all. (and ps, the new design looks like ABSOLUTE SHIT on that page. Something needs to be done.)
– My car has been out of alignment for going on six months now, and I have to hold the wheel at a ridiculous angle just to get it to go straight.
– I also have not had an oil change in like 10,000 miles.
– There’s also no way to get back to this page from this page. Not cool.

There was this great post on sarah’s blog yesterday that got me thinking. I hate chatting. Sure, it can be funny sometimes, and I like to laugh, but I also feel like there’s all this pressure to KEEP BEING FUNNY and KEEP UP YOUR END OF THE CONVERSATION, and then at some point everything just trails off into oblivion. It’s worse than the phone, which I also hate, because you can’t screen ims. When you’re on, it’s totally obvious that you’re on and that you are definitely NOT talking to like half the people on your list. It makes me feel rude and antisocial. Which I might, in fact, be.






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