xyz, sucka

I have these jeans that I wear to work almost every day. Nice, trouser-type jeans that are totally office-appropriate when paired with a killer pair of heels and maybe a sweater or something. But at least once a day, I realize that my fly is down. And it’s not like I’m so incredibly busy that I don’t have time to zip, or that my head is so crowded with thoughts that I can’t be bothered with the mundane, so I can only deduce that I am dealing with faulty technology.

My fly simply refuses to work, but on a totally random and intermittent basis. It sneaks up on me, and then I’m left wondering how long I’ve been walking around, floating in the breeze.

That sucks.

You know what else sucks? Blogger sucks!! I don’t have the time to be reloading page after page just so I can put up some crap about how my favorite pants are in revolution against me. So Blogger, GET THE SAND OUT OF YOUR VAGINA AND START FUCKING WORKING AGAIN, OR I WILL KICK YOU TO THE CURB AND THEN PISS ON YOUR HEAD.

Seriously, it’s worse than Orkut.

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