The Long Awaited DC Post!!

So! it took me about 3.5 YEARS to upload and re-size this shit, so I better be getting some comments on these pictures.

Behold, the only picture of Baltimore:

me and colleen!!

I completely forgot (read: was too drunk) to take pictures when we were actually running around and DOING things, so before I left in the morning I snapped some photos real quick. If you go to the flickr, there’s also a shot of her window-y nook and a really odd picture of her kitchen, of which I am most envious.

I got to DC later that day, no longer drunk and definitely hungover, to be greeted by my sister and her new car!!

love's labor

eeee!!!! I took about a thousand more pictures of her and the car, her and the sunroof, her and the driver’s manual (no joke), but the best picture is this one:

of getting in the trunks of our new cars and taking pictures of ourselves.

I don’t really know why, but every time someone gets a new car I make people pile into the trunk and be photographed. I have a picture of me and both my sisters in the trunk of my parents old Intrepid, I have a picture of me in the trunk of my first Focus, I also have a picture of me and my friend Alex in the trunk of said Focus and so forth. I think it has something to do with estimating the number of bodies you could cart off in any given car at any given time…. which is always good information to have, wouldn’t you agree?

After getting back to campus, I was treated to a good old fashioned collegiate barbecue.

we love us some jungle juice.

with Everclear.

there's a story...

it was kind of like Everclear sangria. Except with orange Hi-C.

<img src="" alt="i

Anyway, we liked it. After drinking our fill, we headed over to her BRAND NEW APARTMENT where her boy roommates were putting together an IKEA table. Needless to say, we opened up a bottle of wine and threw ourselves into the project with wild abandon.

megan's got a handle on things.

check the solid grip my sister’s got on that box.

This is her roommate, who in this photograph is offering her opinion on workflow procedure.

managing the situation

at one point, Megan even put down her wine glass!!

megan tries to console Van, who screams at her to get her fucking hands off him.

Fatigued, we took a smoke break as a reward for our hard work. This is Megan’s kickass balcony.

after the hard work, we decided to take a break.

And then we went drinking again.

the end of a long night.

You can see, it was a good night. We stopped at Boli’s pizzeria after the bar for their “jumbo” slices. I was very suprised to learn that “jumbo” actually meant “person-sized”, as one slice approximated the size of my entire torso. That was a fairly disturbing realization to have while drunk.

The next day the family arrived – it was my sister Molly’s birthday, and what better way to spend a birthday than on a ten-hour car ride? This is her opening presents:

graduation was also molly's birthday.

and thrilled on the balcony.

Ever the teenager, Molly is unimpressed

It’s actually not fair to characterize her as sullen – by the end of the trip she may have been the only person my mom didn’t want to draw and quarter. Well, maybe her and megan. and my dad. and everyone else except me. but whatever, I totally suck.

When I first pulled up to the new apartment, I was like, “yeah, this is nice” and Megan was like “no seriously, it’s *TOO* nice” and I was like “no, I don’t think so” and then I saw the lobby.


and then I was like, “yeah, maybe you’re right”.

So now we’re getting into the seriousl graduation shit, and I’m wondering how to proceed with the post. It’s pretty long right now, so maybe I’ll end here and continue tomorrow with more pictures. Before I finish, though, I would like to present three exhibits of Totally Awesome.

Exhibit 1: My sister’s hair.

best.  hair.  ever.

Exhibit 2: this dude’s hat.

my favorite hat

Exhibit 3: the guy in the background of this picture.

trapped in the matrix

I wish I could say that I used a low shutter speed or depth of field or something, but honestly, I just wanted to get a picture of Megan in the robe and that guy sped by behind her. And I’m glad he did, because it cracks me up every time!!

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