the choice that must be made

Ok, guys, at this juncture it’s necessary for me to make a choice. I’m so consumed by wedding freakouts and issues that it’s becoming increasingly hard for me to come up with any new material. I get sick of hearing MYSELF talk about this shit, and we still have 11 months to go. It’s like I have tourettes, except instead of “fuck-shit-piss-cunt” I spew words like “silktaffetea-splitmemu-hydrangea”. Completely uncontrollable and utterly annoying.

So I think I’m asking for a vote. If you want regular posts, know that you’ll be subjected to my unique affliction of wedding planning bitchiness and hear about things like my abject terror at realizing that my reception venue is probably too small for the number of invitees. If you don’t want that, you might just have to wait longer for these little gems of vitriolic prose. I’m also apartment hunting, which is always good for blog fodder but just as subject to tedium.

So let me know.

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