diary of Overproductive

I remember when my weekends would entail nothing more arduous than sleeping late and brunching, drinking bloody marys and mimosas until the clock struck three, at which time I would switch to wine. At some point I would fortify myself with espresso shots before heading out to go dancing to 80s synth-pop or electro, capping the night with a visit to one of Boston’s friendly late-night Chinese eateries where I would giddily request “cold tea” while ordering a scorpion bowl for my fifteen year old sister.

those days are gone, my friends, though not for lack of trying. This whole “wedding thing” has thrown my lost weekends into a tailspin, because although I don’t intend to be stone sober at my reception, you can’t go venue hunting sloshed. The past few weeks we’ve actually been waking up BEFORE ELEVEN AM and touring the great states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island to look for a hallowed hall at which to celebrate our union. I think we’ve narrowed the choice down to two, maybe three, and today I’m putting my foot down that there will be NO MORE LOOKING for reception halls.

We also need to move. I’ve been itching for an upgrade since last September or so, dreaming of somewhere with ceilings and a kitchen, possibly even enough room for an actual bed with a boxspring. So last week I sent katsumi some links to apartments on Craigslist. Much to my suprise, he agreed to spend an hour on Saturday scouting out new digs. I expected to get a tour de slumlord, as my only other experience with Boston’s rental market took me to unforseen depths of depravity and squalor, but as things turned out, it is now my extreme pleasure to announce that WE FOUND A NEW APARTMENT THE FIRST TIME OUT OF THE GATES. Yes indeed, it’s a nice “studio with alcove” complete with 10-foot ceilings, a bedroom nook, laundry in-building and easy access (read: ONE BLOCK WALK) to the T. Considerably more expensive than our current quarters, but shit man, this place has NEW CABINETS. AND A FREEZER.

So we’ve had a busy time, and I’m saying right now that next weekend I’m sleeping till 3 every day and when I’m not asleep I’ll be drinking.

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