Diary of Sweet

Last night this here engaged couple went out to celebrate the brand spanking shiny new job of Katsumi. Over margaritas and fried shrimp, we discussed the relative sweetness of our new jobs.

A recap:

– above porn shop / leather bar
– own office with windows / own computer
– steps from fenway park
– easy walk from subway

– above a chill Sinatra fetish bar
– shared office with stimulating conversation
– completely flexible schedule with ability to work from home
– excellent health & dental plus stipend for internet, phone, and parking.

Then, somewhere halfway through my second rocks-no-salt, he pulled out the big guns and said those words I’d been waiting to hear:

Gave Me
A Laptop

Not just any laptop, apparently, but a super-slim IBM thinkpad with a cute little light so you can use the keyboard even in total darkness. But this has more significance than the simple pleasures of computing after dusk. The unexpected acquisition of a new machine means that Shinobi:

(hi shinobi)
meet shinobi!!

effectively belongs to me.

(hell yeah)
that sweet little piece is mine all mine.

Don’t cry, baby, I’ll take good care of her!!

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