going to LA LA land

So tomorrow I am off to LA with my sister for a week of debaucherous fun in the sun! Today is my official last day at my current gig, and when I return I will put on my fancy pants to start at a brand-new shiny job in a *REAL OFFICE* in the city. As a going-away present, David said I could post some pictures taken of us one fine day in December.

So here we go, we have a nice picture with one of the many “creatures” that populates the house,


Us on the couch, the very same couch where Katsumi used to take naps while I worked.

we like each other

And finally, a picture that pretty much sums up my feelings about the whole thing.

put your head on my shoulder

So adieu to DSP – it’s been crazy and bizarre and stressful and wonderful, a wild ride any way you slice it. But I can’t go into the particulars on such a public forum, so this will have to do!

More photos upon my return from California!

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