the christmas spirit, its a’flowin.

Today my electricity got shut off.

Worth mentioning that my apartment has an electric heater.

It’s not my FAULT, I mean, not REALLY. My apartment is tied into the utilities for the second floor, and the second floor guy moved out a sweet five months ago. Give or take. So it’s not like I’m all destitute and shit and can’t pay my utilities, even though I sort of am, but that’s what CREDIT CARDS are for. It’s just that when the dude moved out he never switched the electric into my name and my landlord never realized that I was tied in with his apartment in the first place. He was really nice about it and offered to pay if we need to stay in a hotel (because it’s all of FIFTEEN DEGREES in Boston), but seriously, whatever. I have too much crap to get done before Sunday to be mucking about with circut breakers and shit.

What really gets me, and I know this will be a funny story later, is that Xmas ’05 will forever be “the Christmas They Shut Off Our Heat and Electricity”.

But you know what? Right now? IT’S NOT SO DAMN FUNNY.

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