The christmas party season is totally in full swing. I love fancy parties – I almost perished with joy last year at katsumi’s company party, for which I purchased two hundred dollars worth of new evening wear and at which there was an hour of open bar before dinner. It was my first company party ever and I celebrated by blacking out on the ride home. This year, I just realized, we have parties every weekend. Last weekend we may or may not have found a foolproof way to crash soirees at the MFA, this Friday is the return of the Corporate Blackout party, next week we are traveling for a film party, next weekend there is the Friends Party, and god, the week after that is Christmas!

… Then New Year’s, which means: Massive Party and then like two or three more film parties to round everything out.

This in mind, is it any wonder that these days during the week I really just want to stay home and sleep?

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