no sleep makes monday worse.

Some unfortunate family drama last night lead to my “resting” on the couch until 2:30 AM, shuffling to the guest bedroom, tossing and turning until 5, driving the hour back to my apartment in pre-dawn commuter traffic, freaking the living shit out of katsumi when I hopped into bed, tossing and turning until 7, then oversleeping. “Oversleeping” meaning “half an hour late for work”, not “muchly rested”. I am totally exhausted, but I can’t even muster the will to go out and get a cup of coffee. Instead, I cling to this near-empty can of diet coke as though it were the last caffeine on earth. I am totally disgusting and not showered, my shoes don’t match anything else I’m wearing, my hair is slicked off my face into two greasy pigtails… it’s a fucking brilliant afternoon people, and I may or may not be fifteen pounds heavier than when last I posted.

Between midnight and 2 am, I watched back to back episodes of “Nip/Tuck”, a show I discovered this weekend and am finding oddly addictive, while heating a pot of leftovers. The combination of the two was so ridiculously antithetical that I couldn’t even enjoy my gravy. Someone will clean out the fridge in a week or so and find my sad, neglected leftover casserole and know that sometime after midnight, something in my soul went horribly awry.

The weekend was fun, if odd. Of course I had an amazing time with my family, but things didn’t seem to gel as they had in my head. For example, on Friday night I made the arbitrary decision that instead of staying at home, my sister and I would camp at my apartment and watch DVDs. Driving from my aunt’s house to Newton, I wondered aloud why we had come to this decision.

“I don’t know” said megan.

“because we’re gonna get drunk” i replied.

“oh, right.”

“and we couldn’t get drunk at home”

“right, yeah.”

“so no pussy drinking, you hear me?”



And drunked we got, with some raspberry wine, Tito’s vodka, and a bottle of champagne.

So that’s the long and the short of it: the weekend was great but I am tired, I ate a lot and feel really fat. And I have five gorgeous new pairs of shoes.

… is it 5PM yet? I think I need some pizza or something. Maybe chowder.

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