oh lord

after three days of too much drinking and not enough sleep, I am pretty much comatose. So pictures! Only three! These are from Friday night, when we started out the evening at three in the afternoon, hitting two happy hours, a restaurant and a bar. By the time I met up with boozie, I was sort of ready to die.


(she thought her ear looked weird in this one… girls are so bizarre.)

and finally, a shot of my wonderful SISTER, who always shows me the best time ever when I go to visit her.
sisters :)

We drank for 8 hours on Friday, walked around the monuments on Saturday (actually only some monuments, because damn there sure are a lot of monuments), got lost for awhile, walked to Chinatown, ate Chipotle, went bar-hopping again, wound up in a dirty underage dive bar where we got tanked on shots of so-co and lime, then spent all day Sunday trying to hold down food and water while watching episode after episode of Sex and the City. It was awesome. I wore uncomfortable heels and had to walk barefoot to the metro! I yelled at a cab driver! I even drunk-dialed katsumi at 3 in the morning!

and today it’s really hard to get my head back into the game, as it were. I think cappuccino is in order.

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