the day the earth stood still

Happy Halloween and welcome to my photoessay! The weekend was good, parties, blah blah, I wore my black wig and white boots, Katsumi wore his wig and one of my skirts, drinks were drunk and cigarettes were smoked and I finally saw Freezepop, which was awesome.

Moving right along then, to something totally unexpected.

The newlyweds!! This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the set.

Katsu and I left a day after the rest of our group, landed at 7:30PM and drove the whole way to Key West in the dark. So we missed this view on the trip down, which I found quite regrettable.
seven mile bridge!!

Key West is all about “clothing optional”, and apparently this sundeck on top of our hotel was no exception. Here is the view from the top. But there will be no pictures of me topless.
view from the top

Since I left my camera at the crab shack on Duval St, I have no pictures of our hotel room. Suffice it to say that our suite(!!!) was more elegantly turned out than our apartment and at least twice as large. Katsumi, however, wasted no time in making himself at home in the bridal suite.
one hand on the trigger

The first day there, we didn’t do much of consequence. We returned my rental car, picked up scooters for the crew, and ate lunch at a killer irish pub a few blocks from the beach. The scooters were beyond amazing.
pondering the next move

I shared one with Katsumi to save a few bucks, but after trying one out for myself, I would definitely advocate riding solo. Because EVERYONE looks cooler on a scooter.
so hahd core

and there were chickens everywhere. Seriously, Everywhere.
If anyone cares to research the issue and enlighten me, I’ll give you ten points of extra credit.

Once back at the hotel, we made good use of the pool, sipping coronas and red stripes while relaxing in the sun and splashing in the chlorine.
drinking and swimming

you know, or maybe we got shitty and had cannonball contests.
tidal wave

Katsumi took a liking to one of the pressure jets on the side of the pool and got a little carried away with himself. When he gets that smile, you can always tell he’s up to something.
the Spout

When hard at drunken play, one needs to find adequate sustenance, and jon and I were so on top of that shit, yo. We scoured the local restaurant guide for good food and found that, hey wow, Key West has pretty expensive dining!! In other news, I am really pasty and should have fake-baked before putting on a bikini.
planning dinner

After dinner we took the scooters to the beach and did some clothing-optional night swimming. But first, a beer run! Key West is all about road sodas, so is it any wonder that there was a drive-through liquor store? This picture captures the moment when I started thinking that maybe I should relocate.
drive through booze + scooters = heaven

the next day we got the warning about hurricane Wilma and subsequent mandatory evacuation of all tourists from the island, effectively ending our carefree playtime. We had to deal with logistical problems, like getting a rental car, changing some flights, setting up a hotel in Miami. But the biggest problem was the sheer amound of alcohol we had yet to consume.
panic at the thought of having to leave my wine behind

While Jonathan and I booked a room at the Hilton Miami Airport, Katsumi, facing his potential imminent destruction, fullfilled his greatest fantasy.
three little monkeys...

which, apparently, also involved wearing his best friend’s new wife’s bra on his head.

Our lodging secured, I got down to the real business.
a drink before we go

Shanna had a lot of things she wanted to do on our last day in Key West, the first being a picture with Robert.
shanna loves robert

What is Robert, you ask? I asked. You can find the answer here. After reading that, you can see why I wasn’t thrilled about getting too near the thing. By the way, please take a moment to appreciate the terrycloth short shorts. they are indeed a thing of wonder.
erinire does not

It was with some sadness that we returned our scooters. Note the minivan in the back of the shot. Not that one, the other one, the one that’s driving. We traded our scooters for THAT. **sheds a tear**
the scooters

We decided to make the best of the situation and don bizarre outfits for a night on the town. I think that I was the only one, though, that actually looked bizarre. Or like a hooker. Yeah, hooker about covers it.
being flamboyant

at dinner we were more reserved.
the last supper

only one of these men will pick your nose without asking first.

It didn’t last very long.
human pyramid

no, not very long at all.
no wonder they evacuated the tourists

All in all, it was an amazingly great trip, if a bit truncated. We even got to see (read: make out at) the end of route one!
end of route one!!

AND SO END THE PICTURES OF KEY WEST 2005. Unless I get my camera back. then you can expect more.

All photos courtesy of Shannoxx, the lovely new bride.
blushing bride

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