Wilma, you can just go ahead and bite me, ok?

I’m back from the Keys! Back at work! Only suddenly it appears that my work actually like, needs me and stuff, so I’m pretty busy. Also, I left my camera in a Florida crab-shack while drunk on vodka and wearing 3-inch heels, so there are no pictures yet. Let’s all cross our fingers and pray that Crabby Dick’s weathers the storm and that my camera can be shipped, safe and sound, to the hinterlands of northeast USA.

I have lots of stories, and there will be many photos, both of mayhem in the islands and my fucking sweet hairdo at shaina’s wedding.

stay tuned!!

here’s a picture of the shorts i bought at American Apparel while vacationing.

it was a big deal, as I have not worn short shorts since an unfortunate roller-skating incident in the 7th grade. Luckily, Key West is insane enough to make even the most die-hard advocates of lengthy cutoffs think they can pull off what are basically glorified terrycloth undies.


that’s not actually a picture of me in the short shorts, so you can all calm down now.

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