Hello, this is my brain.

This is my brain with declined levels of estrogen and progesterone.

I feel scattered and half-dead and I am leaving Thursday for the longest vacation ever and I have so much to do and only half a brain to do it with and my head hurts and my uterus hurts and DAMMIT IT’S RAINING and I just want to curl up on my floor with some chai and chocolate and watch episodes of Six Feet Under until my eyeballs fall out.


that felt good.

so basically, don’t expect any great posts for awhile. Between getting ready for the union of the captain and his first mate, getting ready for our group trip to Key West and finishing up loose ends at work, let’s just say that the blogging is a little lower on the totem pole than normal.

But then again, you never know 🙂

There was serious debauchery involving keg stands and 3AM omelets on saturday night, so a photoessay might be in order.

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