because the meme is wearing thin…

an assortment of thoughts!


don’t you hate it when your rasin bran has an overabundance or defecit of rasins? My box of rasin bran is all rasin and it’s really bumming me out.


i was at the System of a Down concert in Worcester last weekend and my sister and I moved down from our nosebleed seats to get a better look at the crazy Armenians. So we are standing up, looking at the sea of empty seats and this kid with bottlecap glasses gestures to the chairs next to him and says “hey, I don’t think anyone is sitting here”. So me and she exchange glances and are like, alright why not.

the next half hour was filled with hot air.

“hey are you girls going to the [INSERT RANDOM INDIE PUNK BAND HERE] show? what do you mean you don’t know when it is? [AFOREMENTIONED RANDOM BAND] is the best. i know the singer and my buddy was working the door at warped tour so they didn’t even search me, ha har.”

Molly, being the cool hip teenager that she is, knew all the random punk bands, and the random rock bands, and even most of the tour dates. I, being the aging lamer square that I am, did not.

“what do you mean you don’t like [UNKNOWN ROCK BAND]? How can you not know [ROCK BAND]? they totally kick ass. Me and my buddy saw them at the Palladium and it was off the hook. So, I mean, so do you LISTEN to music or what?”

and rather than taking my usual line about Phish bla blar blah, “electronic music” etc etc, Brazilian house and so on, i just shrugged, winked, and said, “um, not really! I guess i DON’T actually listen to music!”

that sort of shut him up.

But I think I earned back some concert cred when I mentioned how much I enjoyed the opening band, “bad acid trip”.


i am having some more thoughts about MySpace. But I need to get cogent about it.

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