the house is full of mysteries

I have written about my workplace before. It’s pretty weird. I regularly arrive to find the door locked against me, even if everyone in the house is up and about. Nobody ever cleans out the fridge, so you can find condiments from the paleozoic age in the fruit drawer. The sink leaks. There’s a hole in the ceiling. The doorbell doesn’t work, and, on occasion, neither does the phone. I once found a month-old bag of breast milk in the freezer.

The cleaning lady just pointed out to me that the thermostat was cranked to eighty.

Is it superfluous to mention that it is ninety degrees outside?

the weird thing is:

I am the only one here. And I certainly did NOT turn the heat up to eighty.

the other mystery is the bouquet of sunflowers that arrived at the door yesterday from FTD. They were addressed to me, with a card that said “congratulations on your screening”. No name, no return address. I can only assume that my mystery fan was referring to the screening in Woods Hole last weekend… but WHO SENT THESE FLOWERS?? And why?

Please contact me with any clues. Especially about the thermostat.

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