boring monday crap

I have no pictures, OK? none. So if anyone was at my party on Saturday and HAS any pictures, could you post them up to Flickr?

It was an excellent weekend full of drinking and shopping (and another couple purses added to my growing fetish collection), but rather than details, perhaps it’s more of a “statistics” kind of day.

Booze ought for party:
3 12-packs of beer
4 bottles of wine
3 bottles of champagne
1 bottle of vodka
1 bottle of tequila

Alcohol currently strewn across the backyard:
4.5 12-packs of beer
2 bottles of wine
1 bottle of Moet Chandon (oooh!!)
4 (!!!) bottles of vodka
.5 bottle of tequila

it’s like the liquor got nasty and had babies. I love it! My new plan is to have parties every weekend, and hopefully I will never have to buy booze ever again.

Also a shout-out and happy birthday to my dad! Not like he reads this, but you know, if he did, he’d be touched.

And the leftover libations are not literally strewn all over the yard. We went out on Sunday morning, staggered around, and cleaned (most of) it up like the good little soldiers we are.

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