Evian is seriously Naive backwards

So on my early-morning blog-reading round, I came to this dude’s page, wherein the comments referenced a certain movie, causing me to blissfully drift back to the storied event of 4,380 days ago, give or take a few months.

The first time I saw Reality Bites.

OK, once I was freed from the adolescent torment of high school I watched the film and realized it was SATIRE, BAD SATIRE at that, but the first time I saw it (the tender age of 14) my life quaked and shifted on its axis. I fell in love with Ethan Hawke (that scene where he sings “Kiss Off” in that bar all sweaty and hoarse OH MY GOD). I also fell in love with Winona Ryder (that scene where she is singing to herself braiding her hair SO CUTE and she just has the most gorgeous body, GOOD LORD) ((Sorry I notice these things, it’s beyond my control)). I spent the better part of ten years trying to emulate her haircut. In fact, I spent the better part of ten years trying to emulate their lives. I blame Reality Bites for the fact that I thought it was a really great idea to shack up in Syracuse, slacker-style, for six months post-graduation, and I also blame Reality Bites for my questionable style of interior design, which basically involves randomly taping things like promotional postcards for fetish nights and fine restaurants to my walls in a random fashion. While I’m getting it all out, I’ll also say that I have indeed used toilet paper when coffee filters are scarce, a la the scene at the start of the film before she goes to her McJob at the TV station.

…come to think of it, is Reality Bites the reason I work in TV? In some subliminal way?

Maybe that is taking it too far. At any rate, “Reality Bites” came at a very impressionable time for ErinirE, and sometimes it freaks me out that I seem to have modeled my adult life after a badly executed dark comedy… but I mean, it could be worse. I guess.

ps – oh my god, friends who would buy me presents anyway, you can BUY THE MOVIE POSTER. Think about it.


***EDIT: Ethan Hawke does indeed sing “Add it Up” and not “Kiss Off”. My bad. thanks to Nick Geez for the correction!

ooohh… sweaty stoned out 1994 ethan hawke doing violent femmes covers…
so… hot…

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