no, no, not yet…

Katsumi’s got the computer today, so I can’t post any of the thousand and two pictures I’ve taken over the last week. Pictures like…

“motorcycle driving into gated mansion of nameless celebrity”

“wasabi peas at the hotel bar”

or the ever-popular

“knees of friend Christina”

But I have to say, for all the weird-o food pictures, there are at least two incredible shots. Like…

“friend plunging headlong into Pacific for the very first time”

“series with the Pantera”

“series at hotel bar”


“view from the top of an Arizona mountain”.

Curious yet? Hell, I am and I took the damn photos!! There is one portion of the trip, however, which was not documented from every possible angle. After checking out the mountain and almost dying of heatstroke, I spent the evening drinking and smoking way too many cigarettes with my friends Brandon and Don, and his lovely wife Wendy.

The coolest thing: OH MY GOD WE WERE DRINKING AND SMOKING IN THE POOL!!!! Apparently everyone in Phoenix has pools, which, although I detest heat, is almost enough to make me move there. And as much as I love pools, I really really love pools at NIGHT, and the fact that I was swimming in a POOL at NIGHT with a COCKTAIL IN MY HAND was almost enough to make me die with joy. No joke. But also, no pictures, because

drunkenness + water + camera = bad news.

But you can imagine, right? The moon was just about half-full, there were three stars, and the sky was just slightly red from the lights of Phoenix, several miles away. The water was warm from the sun and the air was hotter than the water, so that just as soon as you started to dry off you’d get this incredible sensation of being lightly braised, at which point you would hop back in the pool, light up a Camel and sip your vodka, staring up at the sky and wondering how the hell everything came together so perfectly.



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