oh fuck, the meme

I don’t want to be rude to my dear friend boozie, so let me just do this real quick.

What 5 Things do you miss about your childhood?

Here’s the people that have done it so far:

1. This is Ali – http://www.thisisali.com/weblog
2. End Of The World – http://andifeelfine.blogspot.com/
3. so anyway… – http://piggyhawk.blogspot.com
4. Boozie – http://www.theboozie.com/
5. Thisiht (this shit) – http://www.erinire.blogspot.com/

Here’s the people who should do it now, per my request:

1. Shannoxx at unsexxxy design
2. Tressor at rally up rally cap
3. Sabominator at, um, sabominator
4. Princess at Princess of Nothing
5. my baby sister at mguish.com

when/if you do it, remove the blog at #1 from the “done it so far” list and bump every one up one place; add your blog’s name in the #5 spot.

Here goes!!

1) not being afraid to do crazy things like “Slip n’ Slide” (hurling yourself facefirst down a hill onto a thin plastic sheath that may or may not conceal sharp rocks branches etc. I sprained my arm on a slip n’ slide. That taught me my lesson.)

2) My Little Ponies. Especially the unicorn ones.

3) standing still in beaver pond (yes, that’s the real name) and waiting for the little weird fish to swim around my legs. If you were still long enough, one would bump up against you or try to take a nibble of one of your toes.

4) time stretching on forever (especially good for summer vacations… not so good for boring days of school i guess.)

5) making “forts” in the living room and hiding out there all day with my sisters. Our dad would help us set up a tent-like thing out of blankets draped over chairs and we’d chill out in there for hours at a time. When I was in college, my friends would occasionally set up a tent in their dorm room for utilitarian purposes (keeping certain smells in the tent and out of the hall… you figure it out) and I found that to be an interesting throwback to the blanket-fort days. With mildly seedy undertones.

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