attack of the late posting

woah, what’s this 12:53 PM nonsense? My god, the day really DOES fly when you’re doing actual work!!! I came in today with the kind of brain-haze that only comes from spending a hot, humid night in a 3rd-floor walk-up with skylights. Another downfall of my otherwise adorable attic apartment; the skylights have this incredibly intense greenhouse effect. if it’s 80 during the day, you bet your sweet patootie that it will be 100 in the apartment. And 100 degrees? NOT. COMFORTABLE. Katsumi and I spent the night splayed out on the floor listening to the thunderstorm, occasionally tilting our heads one way or the other and commenting on the heat.

… silence …

katsu: whats up.

e$: nothing. reading.

katsu: it’s pretty hot up here.

e$: yup.

… silence … … thunder …

katsu: that’s some rain.

e$: yup.

… silence …

e$: it’s pretty hot up here.

katsu: yup.

Occasionally, we’d get a little wild and crack a joke of the “what you up to / chillin / no you’re not, it’s really fucking hot” variety, but generally we just lay around, enjoying a thin film of sweat. And before we all start going off about how we need to get an air conditioner, let me tell you right now, WE HAVE ONE. But the thing is old and behemoth and very, very loud, and during a thunderstorm there should be no other noise to disturb the thunder. At one point I tried to drink a beer, but the beer got hot so I gave it to katsu. Then we went for some vodka and seltzer, but it was too hot to lift the glass to mouth, so this morning found a full wineglass of Ketel One and soda on the counter. I’ll tell you, I WAS NOT CUT OUT FOR THIS. Anything that prevents me from drinking of Ketel One Vodka must truly be the tool of the devil.

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