I kind of feel like I’ve been bitching a lot lately, probably, because, you know, I’m a bitch, but I thought I might try to lighten the mood a bit with a happy tale.

and it is taking me a long ass time to think of one.

So i posted that self-portrait by katsumi below down there, because it makes me smile and because it is really indicative of his outlook on life. Big and goofy and kind of badly drawn. OH NO I’M KIDDING!! YOU’RE TOTALLY WONDERFULLY DRAWN, KATSUMI I SWEAR.

And you know, although I’m not in a bad mood or anything like that, I think this may be all the happy-go-lucky nonsense I can come up with. That and I got 2 new shirts last night on clearance at Urban Outfitters for ten bucks each. ALWAYS a good feeling!!

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