the truth is outed

Usually I don’t talk about work n this site, for obvious reasons. But this is a story that just has to be told.

So on Friday I journeyed down to our super-secure, fireproof, earthquakeproof, floodproof storage facility to pick up about 400 master tapes. I arrived around eleven with scissors, a notebook, three rolls of tape and a bagel, ready to rock. A very nice gentleman showed me to the room where they had our storage boxes laid out, about twenty of them, wrapped in layers and layers of packing tape. So I get down to business, cutting through the old layers of sealant, pulling out tape after tape and marking them off on my checklist, surreptitiously eating my bagel and cream cheese. All of a sudden the nice gentleman appears again through a back door, apparently in the mood for some conversation.

“so what are you doing with all these tapes, anyway?”

“oh, you know, we’re getting ready for our final edit, and we have to digitize from the masters. So I’m picking them up” (thinking: like he’s really going to know what I’m talking about)

“oh yeah, ok.”

“So what are you guys, like, porn?”


“No” I told him, incredulous, “this is a documentary for PBS”

“oh, cause like, ever since I started working here everybody told me that you guys were a porn company. But you’re not?”

Great! So I had been going there about once a month for the past year, and everyone thought I was working IN PORN??? I mean, god! Now I know why the men there were always so NICE to me!

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