sweet n sour 16

so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my SISTER!! Ok, her birthday was yesterday, but obviously yesterday I was not on my game, as evidenced by the lax posting of Renee’s (skeletal)wedding pics.

So I hope that Im not giving anything away by saying she turned 16, but it kind of got me thinking about the whole “sweet 16” label. What is SWEET about 16? I guess in the context of “sweet, I got my permit today”, or “sweet I can get my license soon”, or “sweet, I still have to live with my parents for another 2 years”, but other than that, I don’t know. So I tried to think back to when I was 16, and you know what I remember?

Like, nothing.

I guess I must have been a, what, junior in high school? So I guess there was the prom, which I attended with my straight-edge boyfriend who hated all my pot-smoking girlfriends and made me hang out with all his friends instead, that was a great time… Since I was dating the him, I guess I must have spent a lot of time hanging out in his basement “watching movies” and watching him play Quake… that was a great time… I guess I took drivers ed, which brings back memories of walking to HoneyDew to buy sickly-sweet flavored coffee and stale bear claws…

So although I might be able to find some pieces of nostalgia (hanging out at a local coffeeshop [the grind] getting wired on all the cappuccino I could afford and bumming marlboros then dousing myself in perfume to cover up the stench), I don’t recall anything “sweet” about sixteen. It was kind of all weird and in-between for me. I think I remember seventeen being better. I also thought that was cool because of you know, seventeen magazine. No seriously, I was totally that lame.

Am I the only one that has a foggy memory of 16? Can anyone supply a GOOD story of their 16th year to burgeon the spirits of my baby sister? Because she’s probably pretty depressed after reading this post.

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