i so got my refund check

i so got my refund check

i so got my refund check

and now I am rich.

Nothing fun or funny to talk about this morning, I am just daydreaming about the shoes i will buy with my government money and the interest the remainder will accrue in my savings account.

I am such a wild thing. šŸ™‚

Hopefully I will venture out later and return with an outlandish tale of 4-way-stop abuse or coffeeshop horrors from planet X, but for now it is still 9AM and the coffee is making me dizzy.

OK, here’s something. I have a Krups cappuccino machine, the kind that has espresso on one side and brewed coffee on the other. (it was a gift for Christmas 2 years ago – please, people, do you think I have that kind of money?) I was ecstatic, after 10 years of waiting, to finally own a cappuccino maker, but much to my dismay the thrill of frothing milk wore off fairly quickly. I’d wager it had something to do with the fact that each cappuccino promised at least 15 minutes of tedious cleaning with brushes and toothpicks and whatnot. So now I go for black coffee. But the machine, it has a mind of its own. No matter how much coffee I put into the basket, no matter how much water I put in the pot, it always brews JUST ENOUGH COFFEE to fill my carry-out mug, and the coffee made is always atomic. Like, so dark you can’t even see through it as you pour. This is essentially fine with me, as I enjoy a good cup of strong coffee, but I just gave some to my coworker and she was horrified. And, i think, a bit disgusted.

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