a sort of crappy late afternoon entry that no-one will probably ever read:

my car.
I know.
i hate.
my car.

I spent all of last weekend trying to milk the remaining 200 miles of warrantee, and as of today, right now, this moment, i have three miles left.


that is not very many. That is precisely enough (i hope) to get my car to the dealership tomorrow so that I can have them check out and fix, ONCE AND FOR ALL, my uneven idle. Is anyone reading this that knows about cars? uneven idle? bad thing? means what? caused by what? eh?

the thing is, i just don’t fucking trust mechanics. for serious. on march 15 my “check engine” light came on. they had my car for 5 days. they fixed something, god knows what, but according to my record, it was “valve asy”. april 12, check engine light pops up again. This time, apparently, it was “module-engin” and “core return”, which sounds, oh, not so good. Have i mentioned that my car was still under warantee when all this checking of engines was going on? Because it was. And i now live in fear of the moment that it is no longer Under Warrantee. Because I fear that, the moment the odometer ticks over to 36001, the whole thing will just shudder, shriek, and fall apart.

and i haven’t even TOLD you the story about the transmission yet.

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