i like the morning

i love my apartment. It is great. Especially when you are waking up at seven in the fucking morning having not gone to bed before 2:30AM on any night in recent memory. So you wake up and you’re like


The apartment is small, perhaps too small to house two ostensibly grown adults, one of whom is 6 foot 3. It kind of smells weird too, as the whole thing was retrofit from an “attic” to a “studio apartment”. but i get past it. i love it.

what made me fall in love with the apartment was not the oddly slanting ceilings, nor even the fact that the toilet is perched upon a foot-tall box, lending new meaning to the euphemism “throne”. No, the SKYLIGHTS were what made me fall in love with the apartment. Those five large skylights make the attic apartment a great place to watch a lightning storm, but often a really painful place to be sleep deprived.

and this morning?


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