by "fuzzy" i mean the lip

So yesterday when I got home I took some coedine to stave off the migraine (ok, i know there are real migraine meds out there but i don’t have any) and decided, once the headache was in the clear, to nair my upper lip.

I’m one of those people who loves makeup but is woefully unaware of other things beauty-related. Before i visited LA i had to be reminded to shave my armpits, and once a visiting friend was so disturbed by the state of my eyebrows that she sat me down with a glass of bourbon and proceeded to tweeze them for me. (YOU DON’T KNOW PAIN UNTL YOU HAVE HAD SOMEONE ELSE PLUCK YOUR EYEBROWS.) So “lip-hair-removal” has never been a priority of mine. I first did it last september, and although the lotion did not remove the hair, it did succeed in taking off several layers of skin. I went out that night with a dry and reddened upper lip that sort of looked like a skin-stache, if that’s not too gross to think about. The second time, I had spent the afternoon drinking with katsumi and suddenly decided that I HAD to buy lip-nair THAT MINUTE. I slathered it on the second I got home, and it burned and stank and didn’t actually do that good of a job. But I did smell like a cheap beauty parlor for the next several hours.

So don’t ask me what prompted me to give it another go last night. All I’m saying is that today said lip is 80% fuzz-free and strangely numbed.

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