i have a great idea

In Whole Foods just now I had this great idea that I sholud re-vamp this blog and theme it “the fashion errors of ostensibly rich women”. I SWEAR TO GOD PEOPLE, the more money you have the less aware you are of teh presence of “thunder-calves” or “post-partum-gut”. I saw the former wearing a V-CUT TARTAN WOOL SKIRT AND SHORT UGGS and the latter wearing HIGH WAISTED CAPRIS AND A MIDRIFF-BARING SHIRT. Both women were 40+. It almost put me off my chicken salad.

But the real reason for this post:

Although it has been said that they are owned, or at least primarily funded by McDonald’s, I have to admit that it was good. And they use free-range pork. Instead, I went for the cage-fed-with-animal-refuse chicken.

megana poses with our Lunch of Doom
is MEGANA posing next to our lunch.

my burrito enhanced by beverage
is me comparing my Corona to my burrito. They are approximately the same size.

chipotle is so damn hip
is the trash can that I almost fell into, so dazed was I by the sheer enormity of the aforementioned meal, and

Megana also fears the turtle
is my sister posing next to a silly sign.

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