so Dick Gordon is doing this program on methamphetamine addiction in rural America, and the callers? They are totally are making my morning. EVERYONE who calls in sounds totally twisted. Three people have admitted using crack, one guy told about how he got shot up with meth, and this woman just called in asking how long meth addicts have to stay in jail. (It is worth noting that this question has been asked twice previously since the program began 46 minutes ago. Do they feel big brother creeping up behind them?) And, while I agree that meth addiction is a real problem, I can’t help but laugh at the guests when they talk about the “meth high” and the “meth craving” and the “meth crash”. Dick Gordon sounds HOR-IFF-IED, and is asking things like “so what does the meth high feel like, is it similar to heroin or cocaine?”


i love it when NPR gets seedy.

speaking of seedy and tweaked, here is a picture from NY.

clowns are scary but i am scarier

fyi – sudafed is under lock and key in Iowa.

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