size 10 is nobody’s friend.ww.thebo

let me first say how DELIGHTED i am to play a part in the wedding of the Captian and the first mate. And let me also say how happy I am with the dress T-dogg and I settled on for our bridesmaid functionality.


All the dresses in the store were size 10. Nothing but 10s, the occasional 12, and one random 5/6 that didn’t even fit ME, although I usually take a 4 short. If i was going shopping for jeans, a party dress, even a T-shirt, there is SIMPLY no way that I would even CONSIDER buying an item of clothing before i tried it on IN MY OWN SIZE. Why is it that in a BRIDAL SALON, where women purchase some of the most memorable clothing of their lives, size is not an option?

Picture, if you will, two girls. One, (me), is so small that she has to buy outerwear in the children’s section, and another (her) is so curvi-liscious she puts Marilyn M. to shame. Both try to find a style that suits their (very different) figures without the benefit of trying on dresses that even come close to fitting them.

A comical image, and one that I wish I had captured on film.

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