my boss don’t have the luck o’ the irish

So my lack of posting has mainly been due to a short-notice visit from one of our documentary subjects, and while I usually don’t post about work, this is the story of my st patrick’s day.

Said subject had been in town since Tuesday night, and I felt that it was my duty to entertain him. However, the TCITB crew had all convened upon the local irish pub in anticipation of a wild night of trivia. I thought: Brilliant! I will bring The Subject to Trivia with Friends!

not so. I missed dinner entirely, by the time Subject and I got to The Pub, the kitchen was closed. Drinkign on empty, yes we were. The Friends, unaware that I was bringing a guest, were mildly disconcerted by the Demeanor of Subject (who has a bad leg and was extremely overtired and slightly loopy from a day of studio work), and I proceeded to drink whiskey. Later on, Friends were joined by Boss and CoWorkers, at which time Friends silently departed, wiping their brows in relief. Boss and Subject started in on martinis. I followed suit. A Disposable Camera was unsheathed, and Comic-Drunk Pictures were taken. Waitstaff surmised, from the noise level and shrieking at our table, that both Boss and Subject were over their limit, and proceed to give us the EvilEYE. Boss attempted to order another drink, and Waitress politely explained that he was on a “two drink limit” that evening, even as she served me my fourth whiskey and soda. Somehow, without my noticing, Boss and Subject wandered to the “bar area” to get a picture of Subject sitting on Bar. In the process of being hoisted up, Subject hurt his bad leg and spent the next half-hour hunched over in pain, muttering to himself. Boss chatted blithely with Katsumi, unaware of Bar Manager’s forceful and repeated suggestions that I get both gentlemen out the door with all due haste. We subsequently carried Subject out to Boss’ awaiting Honda, watched as Boss bumped parked car in front of him, and I was left to profusely apologize to the beleaguered Waitstaff.

it was a good night. Next? the story of Wild Walking Weekend in NYC (or) Why ErinirE is Old and Lame.

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