Bitching & boobs

BLOGGER COMMENTS SUCK TODAY. I may just move it on over to haloscan. Because this whole “not being able to comment on blogs of friends” thing is just crap-tacular.

And so i woke up today feeling GOOD! and ENERGIZED! and the SUN WAS SHINING! and now, i am feeling run down, tired, and the new england sky is once again preparing to pummel me with snow. But I am trying to stave off total meltdown with some delicious hazelnut coffee.

know what i learned last night? My dear friend shannoxx informed me that not only can TOO MUCH caffiene cause painful, shitty breast-lumpage, but CUTTING DOWN on caffiene can ALSO cause painful, shitty breast-lumpage! what fun!!

From age 14 on up, I generally drank at least 4 cups of coffee a day. When I worked in the coffeeshop, that number went up to 10-15, as a lowball estimate. And for all those many years of abuse, I had no anxiety attacks, no jitters, definitely no trips to the doctor for emergency breast exams. Now; older, wiser, trying to substitute green tea for my beloved java, I am sitting here with a dull pain boring away in my chest-fat-region, apparently because i am not getting ENOUGH of the juice. (And incidentally, over the course of the last 7 days, I have verged on three separate panic attacks. But that was probably because the incessant pain led me to believe that a mutant being might at any moment burst forth from my left breast.)


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