ink, baby.

So happy birthday to boozie, whose current post has given me some food for thought!

I want another tattoo.

The story of the first tattoo is kind of amusing. A student in my documentary production class was doing this project on a local tattoo parlor, and he wanted to have someone actually getting a tattoo for B-roll. But apparently, the clientele of the shop was none too eager to be filmed while being stabbed repeatedly with an ink-filled needle. Guess who volunteered!! (hint: it’s me) I got a shamrock done, mostly to celebrate my Irish heritage, but also because I had it placed on my stomach below the waistband of my pants. so it was like, “if you see this tat, you’re gettin’ lucky”. har har. Yes, I know, when I get pregnant it will stretch out and look like a big green mold spot on my distended belly, but that’s OK. I’ve made my peace with it.

The other is a lotus flower on my lower spine. I was big into buddhism at the time, and was all “the lotus flower is a timeless buddhist symbol of growth from imperfection… I will have chinese characters for “silence” inscribed below the flower to show the silence at the core of all things”. Luckily, the girl I was dating happened to be an amazing artist and designed me something that didn’t look as cheesy as that sounded.

So i feel like I’ve used up the good spots. The third and final tattoo is a sun-shaped design of my own making that is taller than it is wide, and would need at least probably 2 inches of vertical space and 1.5 horizontal. I am mulling it over, and am open to ideas as to where to place the ink.


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