fast food nation

a query concerning this book, “French Women Don’t Get Fat”.

I am curious about this book, having heard it mentioned all over hell and creation. but I am skeptical. It seems like every other month there is a another SUPER DIET BOOK that will teach you how to lose weight while sitting on your ass eating Sinckers bars. “French Women”, I believe, has nothing new. Wake up, people. Are we all dense? Do we REALLY need another book that doles out such sage advice as “try using the stairs instead of the elevator” or “eat slowly, savoring every bite” or, (and this one really gets me), “drink more water”? COME ON!!! WATER SUCKS!!! STAIRS ARE BORING!!! and finally, WHEN I AM STARVING AND HAVENT EATEN ALL DAY I WILL SUCK UP MY DINNER LIKE AN ELECTROLUX ON SPEED!!! I try with the water, really I do, but then i will happen upon an ice-cold Fresca, a hot cup of tea, or a big bottle of vodka, and room-temp h2o just ain’t lookin’ so good no more. Come on, Mireille Guiliano! We Americans are all about the instant gratification! We love BEER and MC DONALDS – chewing slow just don’t cut the mustard for these big ol’ down-home appetites. And, quite frankly, after that whole “iraq thing”, I’m suprised that the conservatives haven’t yet banned your little “pity the fat dumb americans” book. But, back on track, let me put forth a hypothesis. Having spent a good chunk of my post-pubescent life obsessing about my weight, i have come to this conclusion: Americans are meant to be bombastic and fat, while French women are meant to be dried-up and skinny.

I too, have some sage advice for all you dieters out there! EAT LESS CRAP. MOVE AROUND MORE. and finally, SEND ME THE FOURTEEN DOLLARS YOU WOULD HAVE SPENT ON THAT BOOK.

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